Soho Penthouse

With the highest view in the neighborhood, this penthouse in Soho New York has a generous, modern-looking open-air terrace. The exposed brick and bathroom space show attention to detail, while the modern features leave you with pure, blissful luxury.

A simple floor plan with multiple window fronts connects the interiors with the city skyline creating an urban setting, which is both elegant and functional. The wide deck is an open living room with a view of the bustling city, with plenty of seating space for get-togethers. The modern mix of materials in this penthouse in Soho New York creates a sophisticated and multifunctional minimalist haven.

The apartment located at the heart of the Manhattan neighborhood is built with elements that invigorate and create a welcoming interior. The apartment’s material and palette are in favor of minimalism, with hints of deep, and rich details to create an ornate home with a vintage yet contemporary feel. The bright and spacious penthouse is designed with two unique bedrooms each with its own bath, and a view of the neighborhood. Each piece of furniture and material is curated especially to express the personality and character of the owners, and how they live.

This penthouse in Soho New York has been transformed to create an interior approach to balance the busy outdoors and blend it with the calm of the interiors, for a truly New York experience. The unique detailing combines functional and aesthetic approaches that embed into the home a place of rest and expression.

The spacious kitchen is constructed with a beautiful gray countertop, embellished with wooden cabinets and details that create a cool yet homey feel for when preparing a meal or two. The open plan creates a generous area for gatherings, with the big windows bringing the light in for an airy, comfortable, and suburban feel for this penthouse in Soho New York.