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Adam Hicks


A graduate from Georgetown University with a background in risk management for institutional investors, Adam ventured and founded CooperBuild, rooting on his passion to create spaces that matter. Adam and his global team have successfully completed over 300 projects as an NYC general contractor and is slowly leaving his mark in creating high-end projects for New York’s most discerning clients.

Julie Camacho

Head of Operations

A multi-skilled finance officer who believes the latin phrase “Scientia Potentia Est.” She’s also a living proof that the strongest muscle and worst enemy is our mind, and when you convince your mind, your body can withstand almost any circumstances.

Junie Dalagan

HR Manager

Junie has a degree in Psychology with good foundation in the Human Resources facets. She is currently advancing her career in the industrial and organizational setting, honing her people skills and abilities in pursuit of a better organization.

She also has wide experience in customer service for both local and international companies. A travel junkie with a love for the beach and mountains.

Amy CooperBuild

Amy CooperBuild

Amethyst Bondalo

HR Assistant

Amy studied Psychology and gained practice in the Industrial and Organizational field. She is driven with a range of expertise in the Administration and Human Resource Field. Amy enjoys watching Kdramas and anime in her spare time. Beaches and mountains are both her elements.

Zea Diaz

Executive Assistant Engineer

Zea’s guiding principle in life is to always do your best in whatever you do. Zea loves listening to music, singing, and playing with her seven dogs. Fun fact: her name comes from the scientific name of corn.

Meg Apostol - Rico

Executive Assistant

Meg graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurial Management with experience in a professional office, business development, and customer service relations. She is an active online entrepreneur and believes that “the only real failure is not trying”.

Ryan CooperBuild

Ryan CooperBuild

Jose Ryan Quito

operations Assistant

Ryan previously worked in the Middle East, enjoying a diverse cultural experience. His dream is to travel and see the world as much as he can. He plays the guitar and drums and loves animals, especially dogs and cats.

David CooperBuild

David Orrego

Site Project Manager

Born in Colombia and later on moved to Spain to get his degree in Architecture, David has worked for several construction and design companies in before moving to America to finish his graduate degree in Architecture.

Kristine Tronco

 Senior Project Manager

A double-degree holder in Electronics Engineering and Electronics and Communications Engineering, Kristine has worked as a technical support officer, estimator, and quantity surveyor for local and international companies. During her free time, she likes to read and play music. She also loves traveling to explore cultures and nature.

July May Cosare

Senior Project Manager

A working mom and a Civil Engineer with an excellent background in quantity survey, estimation, and drafting, July makes sure she doesn’t miss out on doing the things she loves like cycling and gardening. It isn’t surprising she loves seafood since she also lives near the beach.

Jamille Aba Martinez

 Junior Project Manager

A young Architect, with proven professional experience in the construction industry, Jamille believes that every opportunity is an experience to learn. In her spare time, she spends it binge-watching movies and tv series.

team img Gladys bw 02

team img Gladys 02

Gladys Chavez

Junior Project Manager

An Architect, a graphic artist, and a business owner, there’s nothing Gladys loves more than being part of the creative process to find the story and heart behind every space. She enjoys working with people who are passionate about art, as she is also a musician.

Sherry Pascua

Interior Designer

Sherry is a Licensed Interior Designer with previous work experience as an Interior Designer Coordinator. She believes that curiosity is the key to discover new designs and develop innovative ideas in any interior space. If not designing, Sherry can be found reading novels or doing a freehand drawing.

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

Chris Menor

Project Manager – Service Desk

A well-versed Admin/ Executive Assistant with wide experience in an offshore setup, Chris has a flexible personality that makes him a great communicator. Aside from his excellent background, he also savors good life with a shot of his favorite Tequila! Arriba!

Katherine R. Cervancia

Junior Project Manager – Service Desk

Katherine, or Kaye for short, is an Architect from the Philippines with a specialization for Graphic Design. Aside from Architecture and Graphic Design, she’s into sports like running and biking. She also fancies whimsical lore like unicorns and enjoys anything colorful.

Jessa Cuba

Senior Quantity Surveyor

Jessa is a Quantity Surveyor and a registered and Licensed Civil Engineer. A family-oriented person with a love for arts, books, and nature and the outdoors, she believes that there should always be a balance in life for a person to enjoy living.

Gresi Janin Mata

Senior Quantity Surveyor

A Civil Engineer and a Construction Manager, Gresi believes that God’s love and plan for us is always better than our dreams and disappointments in life. When not working, Gresi loves to express her creativity through cooking and baking. She also enjoys playing badminton.

Aileen Camille Datu

Senior Quantity Surveyor

A Civil Engineer with over 6 years of experience in multiple areas of construction and infrastructure projects, Camille likes to take time to enjoy life by traveling and also watching Korean movies and documentaries. She is also a bookworm who enjoys the beach, seafood pasta and fresh fruits.

Apple Blossom Cabral

Procurement Head

A motivated person who believes that hard work will always earn her success. Apple has a degree in Civil Engineering and has worked as an administrative supervisor, estimator, and procurement officer. Her hobbies include dancing, sketching, and playing mobile games.

team img Nica bw

team img Nica

Monica Louise Go

Procurement Assistant

Monica has an experience in procurement and in operations management. She graduated with the degree Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering and Management. She is a positive person who is always willing to help and eager to learn new things. Her favorite hobbies are singing and reading books.

Erika Suranyi

Regional Buyer & Logistic

Italy-based regional buyer for EMEA regions, Erika oversees operations for the company’s Europe, Africa and Middle East Logistics transactions.

Charmie Guarin

Chief Finance Officer

A Certified Public Accountant with 15 years of experience in General & Financial Accounting for both local and multinational industries, Charmie also stands out in other activities such as being a Certified Yellow Belt Six Sigma. Charmie enjoys cooking, singing and being a green thumb.

Mary Rose Felix

Finance Assistant

A financial and management accounting expert, Mary is also a Xero Certified Advisor and has worked as a non-trade accounts payable specialist. She aims to one day live away from the city and have a simple and comfortable life, traveling and enjoying her favorite food.

Justine Capiñanes

Social Media Manager

A teacher turned freelancer, Justine has gained experience in property management as a market specialist and is currently doing social media management to serve businesses related to construction, real estate, and property management.

Rose May C. Dablo

SEO Specialist-Digital Marketer

An Seo Specialist with experience in ranking local websites, Rose has a degree in Information Technology. With Rose’s expertise in doing SEO, she is aimed at executing her work to improve and contribute to the team’s progress.

Aubrey Bannawe


Aubrey is an Architect by profession, who is passionate about writing. She loves reading books and playing video games as a pastime.

Furqan Aziz Black n white

Furqan Aziz

Furqan Aziz

Chief Technology Officer

Furqan enjoys the creative process of developing new products and helping businesses grow in a competitive market. His belief in a “human-centric approach” has transpired into the working ethos of the company.

Tim BlacknWhite


Timothy Santiago

Mechanical Engineer

Timothy is a Mechanical Engineer with interest in building and tinkering. He is fond of chickens.

CooperBuild is Composed of a Global Team

Our team of experts, in different parts of the world, are here to guide and make your dream project into reality, from start to finish.

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