SoHo Loft

Located in the neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, this SoHo Loft has found a new identity with its warm and well-lit interiors. With the opportunity to create a stylish and modern space, the design stayed true to its aesthetic by maintaining the beautiful brick wall feature and accentuating it with beautiful white and pastel hues that make the pale reds and browns pop. The interior work consists of the renovation of several rooms of the loft, including the bedroom, kitchen, dining, and living space. The SoHo loft is an open-plan apartment with a view of the bustling, and bright neighborhood which it pulls in with its wide and plenty of windows. The kitchen island was given a bar top that provides a casual dining spot, while the installation and refurbishment of the kitchen cabinets, not only create an aesthetic appeal but more importantly, expanded storage. The renovation made sure to incorporate all of the client’s needs in mind, with fully functional and personalized spaces completed with smart storage solutions.

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