Blum REVEGO Pocket Door Systems: A Guide for Architects

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You’ve seen the hidden coffee bars all over Instagram and Pinterest; let’s take a deep dive behind the scenes and learn more about how to achieve the look. While pocket door systems like Blum’s REVEGO have gained popularity in European kitchens and interiors, they have yet to become widespread in places like New York. This […]

Custom Cabinets NYC: The Ultimate Guide to Space-Saving Mastery

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As residents of NYC know well, apartments in Manhattan typically aren’t standardized in terms of sizes and dimensions. That’s why custom cabinets are often the most logical solution for making the most of your living space. Custom cabinets provide a tailored fit that maximizes storage and enhances the aesthetic appeal of any home, unlike prefabricated […]

Transform Your NYC Home With Custom Millwork

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New York City, a hub of architectural charm and modern living, presents unique opportunities for homeowners to enhance their spaces. Custom millwork, a key element in home renovations, offers clients both functionality and aesthetic appeal, transforming ordinary spaces into personalized havens. This guide delves into the intricacies of millwork in NYC renovations, providing insights and […]

What You Need to Know About Bathroom Ventilation

What You Need to Know About Bathroom Ventilation

Rendered bathroom by CooperBuild in Brooklyn project In our pursuit of creating healthier and more comfortable living spaces, proper bathroom ventilation is often overlooked. However, it plays a quiet but critical role in maintaining air quality, preventing moisture-related issues, and ultimately contributing to a healthier environment for both buildings and their inhabitants. Understanding the Importance […]

Understanding New York State Building Code and its Importance in Construction

Understanding New York State Building Code and its Importance in Construction

What is New York State Building Code? New York State Building Code consists of different provisions that outline different trades such as architectural, structural, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, accessibility, and energy conservation, among many others. The New York State Building Code should matter to homeowners and business people looking to build, remodel and renovate their […]

The Hows of General Contracting: How to Manage Construction Overruns and Change Orders

General Contracting

Despite every general contracting service’s best effort to avoid deviations and variations during construction, change orders are unavoidable factors that occur. The term is ubiquitous throughout the industry and may disrupt and cause disputes between the different parties involved because of the negative connotations and implications that change orders ensue. Managing risks involved due to […]

The Benefits of AI in Construction

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The building industry heavily depends on the human touch and experience to complete the construction of buildings. However, the rise of artificial intelligence over the past years presents revolutionary benefits that can change construction drastically in the coming years. WHAT IS AI? Artificial Intelligence has been a subject of research, development, and debate for many […]

Easy Ways to Start Living Sustainably in your Home

Easy Ways to Start Living Sustainably in your Home

For the past decade, we have been bombarded with information about the need to live a green, and eco-centric lifestyle that benefits everything and everyone. While there are many factors involved in pursuing a sustainable life, small and practical changes can be done to your house to start living an ecologically friendly lifestyle. 1. Use […]

Why is Insurance in Construction Important in NYC?

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After the onslaught of the worldwide Covid-19, New York City has recorded a still steady increase in construction investment despite a reasonable decline of the economy during the massive lockdowns and pandemic crisis.