George Adams Gallery

The George Adams Gallery is in Walker Street, Tribeca after relocating from its previous space on 57th St. It traces its origins to the Allan Frumkin Gallery founded in 1952, and about 30 years later, a collaboration with George Adams began. The gallery was finally renamed to its present identity after Mr. Frumkin’s retired in 1995. The simple canvas of its well-lit interiors is where you can find a diverse range of artists, most notably from the San Francisco Bay Area and Latin America.
The George Adams Gallery’s present home began as a raw industrial warehouse until it was converted into a first-class exhibition area for beautifully curated art pieces. The space was well-planned and crafted to create a simple yet distinct interior to display art and house an expanding collection of the gallery’s library. The millwork details are custom-built to maximize the space efficiently. A beautiful wooden post and lintel member frames the white walls, polished concrete floor, and a well-lit high ceiling.