Faurschou Foundation

The Faurschou Foundation in New York opened its doors to the public in 2019, with a generous 12,000 sq. ft of exhibition space located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A former 1920’s taxi depot, the area is divided into three exhibition spaces, each with an art storage, office, and reception area. We collaborated with the multidisciplinary design firm, studioMDA, to complete the interior work for the prestigious private museum. Known for its extraordinary and engaging works of art, we wanted to remain true to the roots of its founder, which is to create meaningful experiences between artists, and audiences across cultures by developing a space akin to this vision. The place was converted and renovated without veering away from the taxi depot’s unique façade and exposed ceiling joists. The ceiling was raised and made to be visually free from columns for a wide and sweeping area for contemporary art by renowned artists.

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