Easy Ways to Start Living Sustainably in your Home

Easy Ways to Start Living Sustainably in your Home

For the past decade, we have been bombarded with information about the need to live a green, and eco-centric lifestyle that benefits everything and everyone. While there are many factors involved in pursuing a sustainable life, small and practical changes can be done to your house to start living an ecologically friendly lifestyle. 1. Use […]

Why is Insurance in Construction Important in NYC?

Insurance in Construction CooperBuild 1

After the onslaught of the worldwide Covid-19, New York City has recorded a still steady increase in construction investment despite a reasonable decline of the economy during the massive lockdowns and pandemic crisis.

How to Avoid Change Orders From Your General Contractor

Create fair and clear contract terms. If the scope of work is vaguely defined or the contract documents are ambiguous, your general contractor may unintentionally misinterpret their contractual obligations or the design requirements.

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